terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

Random goodies

This weekend was fun. Saturday we went to the Parque de Luz and the Pinacoteca, the museum there. I'm writing this not on the blog but I feel like I already talked about it so I'll quit there. If not, theres not much else to say but they were both really nice and I liked them.
Sunday we went to a little city nearby (but actually OUT of the expansive metropolis so that we actually saw the countryside when we were on the bus, which was intensely reliving after having lived for two weeks in such a concrete jungle) called Embu, where they have an enourmous art fair every weekend. The little center of the city had all sorts of artsy shops and there were booths and tents all over too. We spent the entire afternoon there and definitely didn't see all of it. They had everything, from food to indigenous crafts to recycled nmagazine paper-maché lizards (they were SO cute to hang on the wall and they were only 10 reais aka $5 so I just had to buy one, hehee) to all sorts of jewlrey, to traditional brazilian pottery stuff to furniture to potted plants, etc etc etc. It wasn't junk, most of it anyway, and it was really cool. We saw a few different families speaking English and that's the first time that has happened so that was kinda nice but also they were really tourist-y and made me happy I wasnt one of them hehee.
Yesterday morning the Casa had a house meeting and we were there that morning to give English lessons so we sat in. We began with stretches for about 7-8 minutes, which at first I thought was somewhat silly althought it did feel nice, but then we got to the backrub circle and I wasn't complaining anymore, hehe. During the meeting we talked about basic things that a house full of 25 women would need to talk about--keep the bathrooms cleaner, Friday is the day to sweep and clean your rooms, etc. That was nice because tehy went over some rules, such as the Friday rule, which I didn't know about to begin with. Not that most of the rules apply to us anyway, but still. Then Vitória (maybe I've talked about her before, maybe not. She's in charge of the house, despite teh fact that she's young, barely thirty if that, I would guess. She went to the concert with us the first weekend and is good friends with Heidi) started talking about the Festa Juninha we're going to have in the Casa. It'll be on the 27th, I'll explain more about that later but for you all to know now, there are some saints days in mid-late June that Brazilians make into a big traditional party, and eat lots of corn based foods and dress up as people from the country. Haha. There's a lot more to it than that, but the point is we're going to be doing an international Festa Juninha, and all the women are going to do a little poster thing about a traditional holiday in their country and dress up in traditional clothes. With Olimpia and I representing the US and Mexico, we have 13 different countries living in the house. Wowie. So taht'll be fun. During the meeting Vitória also talked about a movie that we ended up watching last night. It was a documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan. I forget the name in English... Olimpia says it's "God Grew Tired Of Us." In Portuguese it was Patrias Perdidas. It was really funny and really sad too, I was remembering how when I was in junior high in Lincoln, Nebraska we had some of the Sudanese Lost Boys relocate there, and it was really interesting to finally understand their story. I'm defintiely recommending it to whoever of you have time and/or Netflix.
OK I was writing this while waiting for the slow computer to scan but now it's Olimpia's turn so I'm off. Tchau tchau.

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  1. I am adding the Lost Boys to our netflix! Can't wait to see what your shopping goodies! Also, dad got your tickets to ND and JFK.
    On a related note, your writing is getting closer and closer to my chat-style of "witrngig".
    Hee hee. Love you! Mamãe