segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

long weekend, fabulous weekend

Ok I'm alive, but this is the first time I've had internet since Thursday, man. So this last weekend was super amazingly fun but I have just a bit of time to write so this'll be short. Slash I'm watching Play it again, Sam by Woody Allen so Ima be distracted too.
So Friday we went to Ibiúna, a little town about 2 hours away from here. Chad, another Maryknoller just like Heidi lives there with his wife and his two daughters. Chad works with an organic farming coop and does all sorts of cool things like he has a beehive and fruit trees and chickens etc. His wife, Angel, was in the US for a annual meeting but we stayed there the first night and played with his girls who were just wonderfully sweet, ages 7 and 9. Reminded me of Bia and Tessie so it was nice cuz of that. They live in the country and it reminded me a lot of Sitio where my grandparents used to live up until a few years ago and it was just absolutely beautiful. He took us around to some of the different little farms and we talked to some of the farmers, usually there are just two workers for the farms, cuz they're really little, and cuz it's winter right now so there was mostly just lettuce and peas growing, hehe. The next day we went and stayed with Juliana, the babysitter of the girls, and she was super cool. Friday was the Brasilian Valentine's day so we went out and had some fun, not too much esp because the town is little, 40,000 or so, but it was nice to be able to DO something at night. Hehe. We came back on Saturday and on Sunday went to São Paulo's Parada Gay which was a street party with 3 million people in attendance, and therefore fun fun fun. Lots of music and dancing and costumes etc. Today we went to the prison again and this time we got to do a lot of the stuff ourselves, helping the women with the stuff that ITTC staff usually does, but they were short handed today. Olimpia had to translate for a bunch of new prisoners from Spain. Tomorrow we'll be working a lot, we have a lot to. Ok ahveta go we're late to get back to the Casa. Whoopsies. That was just a quick recap hopefully I'll write more later about specific incidents, dunno. Tchau tchau

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