quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

more pics yay

In the Parque de Luz, outside the Pinacoteca.

Same. The bird really liked that statue thing.

From the window of José's office at sunset.

Skyline again. The church in the middle with the greenish dome is the Cathedral, and the greenness in front of it is Praça da Sé. We walk through it a lot, and it has a huge homeless population. The first buildings to the left of the praça include both Heidi's office and aparment buildings. The street you see stretching off into the distance between the two big buildings is the street that we walk down to get back home (and up to get to the Praça, literally it's a huge big hill). It's about a15-20 minute walk from the Praça, being Ponto Zero da Cidade.

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