segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009


Ooops so it has taken a while for me to blog again. We've been travelling almost constantly though, so gimme a break.
Well we're done now with the ISSLP, and aare currently in São José again and will be travelling to Petrópolis tonight I think.
I'm glad to be done with the ISSLP. It was a great experience but now I'm happy to be relaxing and to be with family and to be out of São Paulo.
During our last few weeks we did various things, including spending a full 6 days in a tiny town called Guareí with my Tia Margo and cousin Pati, who is one of my favorite people in the world. We got there on the 9th, and it was a constant churrasco (barbeque, literally, but that doesnt really do justice to the whole-day event of eating and drinking and laughing and talking) that whole long weekend, and we all enjoyed ourselves lotsss. So that was fabulous, and from there we went and spent more time in Ibiúna wth Chad et all. Had some adventures including working at a soup kitchen and hiking through the temperate rainforest, and it was all very cool. Returned to São Paulo for half a day to pick up bags and say Bye, and then my aunt and uncle came and got us and we came here to São José. My cousin Inês had her birthday that night, so I got to experience Brazilian kareoke, which has lots of American music mixed in, to be sure.
I'm not in the mood to write very much, for some reason I'm having lots of allergies here (which is weird cu I come to this house relatively often and have never had problems before) and my face is like a faucet, which makes typing a bit difficult. Hehee. Love to all and I'll try to upload some pics in Petrópolis.

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  1. hey hey, get feeling better. Maybe you've said already but where are you going to be this next semester? Mucho amor

  2. well I was GOING to be in france, but now due to ND not wanting to give me money for school, I'm not sure, we'll see. but how do you not know this??