sábado, 25 de julho de 2009


So I'm in Rio right now, at Tio Dudu's house, but it's raining and so kinda blah here.
I was going to post a few pics but I have very limited options because I only have whats already on the web since I don't have my camera cord with me. Oops. So here's just one, a picture from Guareí when we visited my cousin Pati. It was a fun time. =]

So Gabriel and Elisa et all are coming to Quinta today so in a while here we're going to make our way back up toPetrópolis. We came down to hang out with Julia, Inês and Marina, cuz it was fun with them visiting Quinta the other day, but then they all decided to get sick last night so we just went toa barzinho in the rain. Haha. oh and by we I mean me and Olimpia plus my cousin Zé, who is Pati's little brother and who lives at Quinta, his best friend Junior who is visiting from São Paulo for a week, and Amanda, Zé's girlfriend who is just absolutely wonderful. Junior I met 2.5 years ago when he, Zé, Pati and I coincidentally took a trip to visit Tia Margo in Guareí. Haha funny how things just go in circles.

Um yea I can't really think of a whole lot more to write. Bjs pra todos.

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