quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

in a LANhouse

This one has to be quick, I'm in a LANhouse aka internet café in São Paulo and I have like 9 minutes left before it kicks me off.
Today we decided when english classes with the staff will be (T, TH and F mornings) and such. Our two bags that the airport had lost got here so I have clothes. Oh, and at the Casa there is no washing machine sooooo I'll be washing clothes by hand, which'll definitely be an experience. We'll see how that works out haha.
I talked to my relatives in Petrópolis today and I'm missing them a bit, I sort of wish we could have gone there first and then come here. But oh well, what can you do. São Paulo and city life in general is really different from what I'm used to here in Brasil. But I've been liking it, it's interesting for sure. Olimpia and I were waiting for Heidi today on the steps of the huge cathedral here and were people watching for a long time. You definitely get some characters around here, especially there because it's facing the Praça da Sé which is the so called Ponto Zero of São Paulo, which has a huge homeless population etc.
Ok I'm off.

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